Who was the best us president essay

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who was the best us president essay

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Powerful Essays 537 words (1.5 pages) - abraham Lincoln - president During the civil War Abraham Lincoln was assuredly one of the greatest presidents in American history. This is demonstrated by his effective administration during the civil War, the creation of policies that benefited everyone in the United States and the efforts that kept the United States from splintering during the civil War and from its aftermath. Lincoln made excellent decisions in the civil War. He guided his nation from being torn apart by conflict. He reacted quickly when the war was suddenly sprung upon him.   tags: biography biographies Essays.

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He non never gave up on what he loved doing and that is why he became one of the greatest presidents ever. Abraham Lincoln overcame loss by working hard, finding hope, and paying off his debts. tags: Abraham Lincoln, us president, American History. Powerful Essays 1471 words (4.2 pages) - without a doubt, there have been great presidents throughout American history. The subject of the matter is debatable about who has done the best job for the position. When you ask Americans who the greatest president ever to serve is, five names would be repetitive: Andrew Jackson, george washington, Theodore roosevelt, Franklin. Roosevelt, and Abraham Lincoln. Lincoln is more than likely always at the top of the list. He is commonly known as the best president of the United States and I can't help but agree. tags: slavery, economy, civil easy war.

Abe lincoln accomplished many things in the 4 year term he had served before being assassinated. With his intelligence and hard work, he made a difference in the United States. tags: biography, united States President. Powerful Essays 1440 words (4.1 pages) - red lincolns Pursuit of Success Abraham Lincolns life was full of tragedies and losses. He experienced many stages of depression because of the many tragedies. However, this did not prevent him from being one of the most successful men ever to live. In the end, he always seemed to find a way to look past these terrible things.

who was the best us president essay

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Abraham Lincoln wanted freedom for all because he believed that was right. He knew not everyone agreed and that was why America was having a civil War but he felt that it was the xmas right thing. John Wilkes booth believed that there should be slaves in the south and did not agree with President Lincoln at all. tags: american history, president lincoln. Powerful Essays 1262 words (3.6 pages) - as the 16th president, Abraham Lincoln was known to be the greatest American President. He guided his country through one of the most catastrophic experiences in its history, the civil War. He was a very unique president, being the first president to have a beard, being the tallest president standing at 64 and also being the first to be assassinated.

The two sections developed differing economies and ideas and by April 14, 1861, at Fort Sumter, the tensions came to a head as the American civil War began.   tags: President Abraham Lincoln. Powerful Essays 1137 words (3.2 pages) - when asked about Abraham Lincolns greatest accomplishment in the civil War, most people would probably say freeing the slaves. While it is true, president Lincoln did have a lot to do with the emancipation of over millions of slaves, that is not necessarily his greatest accomplishment. Over the course of many years, President Abraham Lincoln made several significant contributions to the American civil War. The civil War officially began on April 12th, 1861, when Confederate general. Beauregard shot at the Union Troops currently occupying Fort Sumter.   tags: emancipation proclamation,civil war, slavery. Powerful Essays 1605 words (4.6 pages) - the Assassination of President Lincoln The assassination of President Lincoln was so tragic because both Abraham Lincoln and John Wilkes booth both believed they were doing the right thing.

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who was the best us president essay

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Lincoln had a very intimate relationship with his essay wife mary todd, and he showed endless love and affection to his children. Abraham Lincoln was a true family man. Click the button above to view the complete essay, speech, term paper, or research paper. Get feedback on grammar, clarity, concision and logic instantly. the appellation, The Great Emancipator is not granted to just any person, but rather it highlights a courageous, respectful, and driven individual.

Abraham handwriting Lincolns contribution to the United States is so grand and captivating, that he is deservingly recognized as Americas greatest president. For example, he abolished slavery, led America through the civil War, and prevented the Union from splitting apart. Abraham Lincoln is Americas greatest president and was the forceful leader that manipulated America from a state of turmoil into a state of justice and harmony. tags: leadership. Powerful Essays 947 words (2.7 pages) - "Although Abraham Lincoln was President over a century and a half ago (1861-1865 he is still considered to be one of our greatest Presidents, and his legacy remains important for the nation today." by the late 1800s, sectional. During the Antebellum period, the north became more industrialized as the south increased its agricultural production.

He dedicated the battlefield to the soldiers who had perished, and called on the living to finish the task the dead soldiers had begun. (Donald, 1995) Lincoln believed that democracy could be a lasting form of government. He showed a nobility of character that had worldwide appeal, and he was a man of great integrity. However, lincoln was not only the 16th president of the United States, he was an American hero. Lincoln was a well-rounded individual and he had numerous outstanding qualities.

However, it is important to remember that Lincoln also led a private life, complete with close friends and family. Lincoln was born into a poor household on February 12, 1809. But to those who knew him, he was more then just a president. In addition to being a man who made revolutionary changes to our nation, he was also a devoted husband and father to his four sons. Despite his intimidating 6'4" figure, he was a kind, warm-hearted man, who actually cared about the common people. His family and friends had a substantial influence on him and they played an extremely important role in his life. They supported him in whatever he set his mind to and they kept him sane when he felt like he was about ready to breakdown during difficult times. There is more to lincoln than most people could ever imagine, and his personal life could never be complete without his family.

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It is important to keep that in mind as an American citizen. Length: 1713 words (4.9 double-spaced pages rating: Powerful Essays, essay preview. Abraham inventory Lincoln is regarded by many Americans as the greatest president to ever hold office in the history of the United States, and his reputation is definitely well deserved. Lincoln wasn't scared to stand up and fight for what he knew was right. He was convinced that within the branches of government, the presidency alone was empowered essay not only to uphold the constitution, but also to protect, and defend. Lincoln was able to lead our country and preserve the Union, keeping the United States from splintering during the devastating times of the civil War. As President, he built the republican Party into a strong national organization, and he rallied most of the northern Democrats to the Union cause. On January 1, 1863, he issued the Emancipation Proclamation that changed the war into a battle for freedom and declared forever free those slaves within the confederacy. That november, lincoln gave his famous Gettysburg Address, which stated how a country must be dedicated to human freedom in order to survive.

who was the best us president essay

laws. One of the examples of this is signing a bill of Congress. His sixth duty is Chief of Party. This requires him to assist members of his political party win the election. His seventh and final responsibility is that of the Chief guardian of the Economy. This is where he/she focuses on economic issues such as taxes, unemployment and the overall condition of the country.  While he does not control the economy, he does play a hand it helping to run as smoothly as possible. As previously mentioned, the President has many roles and these are not easy tasks.

In this role, the President is the boss for millions of people who work in the Executive branch. He enforces all laws, and assists in running the Executive branch. Their third responsibility is Chief Diplomat. This means that they get to decide what American diplomats and representatives will say to foreign governments. He/she also makes the us foreign policy. His/her fourth responsibility is that of Commander-in-Chief. This makes the President in charge of all armed forces including the navy, army, air Force, and the marines. They also get to decide where troops will be station taxi and what weapons they will be using. Military generals take orders from them as well.

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Being the President of the United States is not an easy job. What you see on television is a small fraction of what their job actually entails. There are seven jobs that the President is required to perform while in office and they all require different skills and the ability to multi-task. The first job is Chief of State which requires the president to present himself as a positive example to the American people. In America, the President is our number one in charge, someone to look up to, and a symbol of our nation. To shake his/her hand travel is an honor in itself. In this role you award medals to scholarship recipients, congratulate astronauts when they return from space, greeting White house visitors, and making a 4th of July speech, just to name a few. His/her second job is that of Chief Executive.

Who was the best us president essay
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He is commonly known as the best president of the United States and I can t help but. Essays, the, best President.

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  2. Free, essay : fdr: The Greatest, president, who was the greatest president of the United States? There have been many great presidents in the history of the,. Related to lincoln -Greatest, president? On the fact that the war was unnecessary and unconstitutionally started by the.

  3. Free, essay : Abraham Lincoln is regarded by many Americans as the greatest president to ever hold office in the history of the United States, and his. The United States of, america. George washington, best President Essay. Have you ever had.

  4. Essay about Abraham Lincoln. Your eyes will be hooked by four brave individuals who deserve being claimed the best presidents of the United. Reasons to Choose.

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